The health of a business is judged on the basis of its financial health and well-being. This means that financial management is a major part of running a business – even if you are operate in a non-financial sector.

The more in-tune an entrepreneur is with the financial fortunes of their business, the better they will be able to manage it. Unfortunately, because most business owners get into business by following their passion, they don’t always have the financial management training that will ensure their success.

As a result, often their products and services are wonderful but the financial management of their business is well below par. BizzAcc offers something called Hands-On Financial Management or FD Circle, which is a unique and interesting approach to financial management for business owners and entrepreneurs.

  • Training Through Hands-On Financial Management
    Effectively, Hands-On Financial Management is a training course for business owners and entrepreneurs where you are taken through the process of understanding and managing your financial accounts. In this course, an entrepreneur is introduced to various financial accounting concepts, as well as shown how those concepts apply to their business.
  • Every Hands-On Financial Management plan comes with a number of amazing tools that help entrepreneurs make finance a part of their business management DNA. The more in-tune you are with your business’ financial health, the more information you will have to make crucial business decisions!
  • No-Fear Hands-On Financial Management Course
    One of the main reasons why business owners stay away from financial management is because of an irrational fear of what’s really happening! Numbers tend to scare people away yet, only those numbers decide the health of your business. The hands-on management course helps you realise that there is, in fact, nothing to be afraid of when it comes to the financial management of your business’ accounts. All you need to do is make sure you have all the tools and are using them to their maximum extent.

Whether you decide to go in for a 6-month workshop or a 10-month course, with BizzAcc you will always have the benefit of learning about financial management with some of the best in the business. Every aspect of these courses is carefully designed to give you the ability to handle your business’ financial requirements and make the right decisions at the right time. By signing-up for the Hands-On Financial Management training course, you’ll give yourself the power to grow and develop your business.

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