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It can be daunting dealing with government paperwork and business accounting when you run your own business or even when you are a normal tax paying citizen. This is why so many small business owners or individuals hire an accountant when the first tax filing is due or when they need to focus on growing their business. But our accountantscan also help you cope with more than just tax returns. They can help your become financially stronger.

Working Together

The Bizzacc Way

Working with a professional accountant can be extremely beneficial for your business. You might have to spend some extra money to hire one, but it’s worth it if it brings returns for your business.
A good relationship starts with a conversation which means there should be no communication gap between you and your accountant. Thus, ask him every necessary question that is related such as:

  • Ask Him if He Can Alter the State of Your Small Business
    You must be keen on making your business grow, so, you should discuss with your accountant about the goals you have set, you can also analyze with him if the they are achievable. He can come up with suggestive ideas about where you can cut cost and boost the business profit.
  • Your Accountant Must Know What to Consider for Your Industry
    Every business operates in a different manner among different industries. And your accountant should have a clear idea about the nature of your business and must be knowledgeable about the related laws that needs to be considered.
  • Know What is the Break-Even Point of Your Business
    You should discuss about the BEP of your business at regular intervals with your account so that you can set the best sale prices and make sure the business is achieving its profit goals. A regular discussion with your accountant over the BEP will help you keep a tab on the cost and boost the profit.
  • What Will Your Accountant Do to Prepare You for the Tax Season?
    Prior to the tax season, you must discuss with your accountant if the books of accounts are up to date and prepared as per the state laws. The accountant can also help you assess the business tax liability so that you get prepared accordingly.

Depending on an accounting tool might not be a good decision, but hiring an accountant can help your business to grow. However, remember to talk about each and every important point with your accountant before welcoming him or her aboard.

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Ros Maclean

Bizzacc Bedfordview

My vision is to assist government in its quest to grow the SMME Sector

Ansie Wollenschlager

Bizzacc Boksburg

I am affiliate to SAICA, SAIBA and I am a registered Tax Practitioner.

Andiswa Bailey

Bizzacc Jeffery's Bay

I completed my BCOM in Auditing and Business Management in 1996

Louise Rocher

Bizzacc Lynnwood

I qualified as a CA (SA) in 2009 and is registered with SAICA.

Ilze Pachonick

Bizzacc Montana

My qualifications is a B Com Honours in Internal Auditing

Portia Dlamini

Bizzacc Mbabane Swaziland

I hold a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership & a B.Comm. Accounting

Louise Ferdi

Bizzacc Moreletapark

I received my degree (B.compt) in 2015 and is a registered tax practitioner

Bernadine Vicent

Bizzacc Fourways

I’m an Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)

Isidor Walbrugh

Bizzacc Randburg

I holds a BAdmin degree & an Honours in Business Administration

Ilze Pachonick

Bizzacc Montana

My qualifications is a B Com Honours in Internal Auditing

Hennie Louw

Bizzacc Garsfontein

I holds a B Com Honors Degree in Accounting

Bennie Wienekus

Bizzacc East London

I hold a Master in Business Administration (MBA) with 40 years of business experience.

Taahir Ismail

Bizzacc Kilarney

I hold an Accounting Science degree and i’m a qualified Chartered Accountant