How Bizzacc Accounting is changing business ownership for the modern entrepreneur

The Bizzacc Business in a Box is revolutionising the landscape of launching one’s own venture, offering an innovative, modern, and comprehensive solution that empowers individuals to seize control of their destinies and secure financial freedom for themselves and their families.

Embarking on the journey of starting a business is a daunting endeavour, but it is also one of the most rewarding. The Bizzacc Business in a Box starter kit is the ultimate solution to these challenges, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools and support they need to turn their dreams into reality.

Bizzacc is empowering dreams, one business at a time.

Do you yearn to script your own success story? Then look no further! Bizzacc Business in a Box presents the gateway to realising your entrepreneurial ambitions. In a world teeming with opportunities, navigating the complexities of starting a business venture can be overwhelming. The Bizzacc way paves a smoother road, guiding you through the intricate maze of establishing and growing a business, ensuring that your journey is marked by accomplishment, growth, and prosperity.

Bizzacc Accounting offers a holistic approach to launching a business.

At the heart of the Bizzacc Business in a Box lies a comprehensive suite of services meticulously crafted to fuel your entrepreneurial fire. It is designed to equip you with the essentials required to lay the foundation of your business with confidence and assurance. Let’s delve into how Bizzacc can be your unwavering ally as you embark on this transformative journey.

The Bizzacc Business in a Box includes the following necessary aspects you will need to start your own business:

  1. Logo Design (Once Off): The power of branding cannot be underestimated. Your business identity starts with a logo that resonates with your vision. Bizzacc ensures your brand speaks volumes, leaving an indelible mark on your audience.
  2. Business Registration (Once Off): Bizzacc removes the red tape of registration, simplifying the process and enabling you to hit the ground running. Legal formalities become effortless, and your focus remains firmly on your business’s core.
  3. Opening a Bank Account (Once Off): A business’s financial heartbeat begins with a bank account. Bizzacc expedites this crucial step, ensuring seamless financial operations from day one.
  4. Share Certificate (Once Off): Establish your business’s structure and ownership with clarity and precision, thanks to Bizzacc’s support in creating share certificates.
  5. Annual Return (On the first birthday of the company): Bizzacc’s commitment extends beyond inception. Timely submission of annual returns is crucial, and Bizzacc ensures compliance while you continue to build your empire.
  6. QuickBooks Access (For 12 Months): Organised finances are the backbone of a successful business. Bizzacc offers QuickBooks access for a year, aiding in meticulous financial management.
  7. Payroll (For 12 Months): Managing employee compensation demands accuracy and efficiency. With Bizzacc’s payroll service, you can navigate this responsibility with ease.
  8. Bi-Monthly Accounting (For a Year): Bizzacc recognises the significance of sound financial decisions. Bi-monthly accounting, coupled with regular management meetings, ensures you’re always informed and empowered.
  9. Business Plan (Once Off): Your business’s roadmap is as essential as its destination. Bizzacc crafts a comprehensive business plan that guides you through the terrain of growth and expansion.
  10. PAYE Registration (Once Off): Employee taxation is a critical facet of business. Bizzacc eases this process by handling your PAYE registration.
  11. Financial Statements (1 Set after Financial Year End): Clarity on your business’s financial health is pivotal. Bizzacc furnishes you with accurate financial statements post-financial year end.
  12. Business Income Tax Return (1 Submission after Financial Statements): Taxation intricacies can be bewildering. Bizzacc ensures your business’s income tax return is not just submitted but optimised.
  13. Two Provisional Tax Returns (For Year 1): Bizzacc’s proactive approach extends to tax planning. By handling two provisional tax returns, we ensure your tax responsibilities are well-managed.
  14. Director Tax Return (1 Submission): As a director, your financial responsibilities extend beyond the business. Bizzacc takes care of your personal tax return, allowing you to focus on your entrepreneurial endeavors.
  15. COIDA/WCA (1 Submission): Navigating workplace compensation is a regulatory necessity. Bizzacc handles COIDA/WCA submissions, enabling you to concentrate on growing your business.
  16. Initial Consulting (3 Hours, Once Off): Bizzacc recognises that every business is unique. We provide three hours of expert consulting, tailored to address your specific needs.
  17. NFC Business Card (Once Off): Networking is paramount in business. Bizzacc leaves a lasting impression with NFC business cards that effortlessly connect you with potential collaborators and clients.

In conclusion

The Bizzacc Business in a Box starter kit recognises the intricacies of your entrepreneurial journey and provides unwavering support to guide you towards success. The comprehensive services offered by Bizzacc ensure that your entrepreneurial dream flourishes, and your business thrives in a competitive landscape.

By embracing the Bizzacc way, you’re not merely starting a business. You’re igniting a legacy of growth, resilience, and prosperity. Let the Bizzacc Business in a Box be your partner in pioneering a new era of entrepreneurship – an era marked by achievement, empowerment, and financial freedom.

Approaching business and entrepreneurship a different way, the Bizzacc way!

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