In the context of South Africans exploring avenues for moving abroad or protecting their financial assets globally, financial emigration has emerged as a viable consideration.

Financial emigration means changing your residency status to a non-resident for tax and exchange control purposes. It is complex and demands meticulous planning and understanding and should not be taken lightly. With Bizzacc’s expertise, we aim to simplify this journey for you, providing a clear path through the financial emigration process.

Understanding Financial Emigration

Let’s address the most important question first: Financial emigration DOES NOT impact your South African citizenship or the validity of your South African passport. It is a formal process to declare yourself as a non-resident for exchange control purposes, affecting how you engage with South Africa’s financial system.

The key benefits provided by Bizzacc in this process

  1. Tax Clarity and Compliance: Bizzacc ensures your tax status is clear and compliant, minimising future disputes with SARS.
  2. Tax Clearance: A crucial step where Bizzacc can assist in securing a tax clearance certificate from SARS, confirming all tax affairs are in order.
  3. Exit Charge: Be aware of the potential exit charge for individuals with a net worth exceeding a specific limit. Bizzacc can help you navigate the complexities involved.

 How Bizzacc will assist you

  1. Personalised Consultation: Bizzacc understands the financial and tax implications and will evaluate your specific situation.
  2. Tax Clearance Assistance: Bizzacc will aid in applying for and obtaining the necessary tax clearance certificate from SARS.
  3. SARB Application Process: We’ll guide you through completing the financial emigration application via your bank, ensuring compliance with SARB requirements.
  4. Comprehensive Compliance: Our experts ensure that all your South African assets and liabilities are declared, and any pending tax returns are filed accurately.

Life after Financial Emigration

As a non-resident for exchange control purposes, it’s vital to keep detailed records and stay compliant with South African tax laws, especially if you have income sources within South Africa. Bizzacc will remain your partner, offering ongoing advice and support to navigate the post-financial emigration landscape.


Embarking on financial emigration from South Africa is a significant step, fraught with legal and financial implications. It requires careful consideration and expert guidance. Bizzacc is here to simplify this process, offering personalised advice and support, every step of the way. With our comprehensive understanding of the financial emigration process, we ensure you make informed decisions for your financial future.

If you are considering this path, remember that professional advice is not just recommended, it’s essential. With Bizzacc, you’re not just navigating financial emigration, you’re securing your financial future.

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