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The drive and passion of everyone at Bizzacc infects and energises not only the Bizzacc Headquarters but all our Franchise Partners to help them plan and achieve their goals.

The ethos and values at Bizzacc Accounting is that we are all a team. The dedication and passion of the team energises not only the Bizzacc Headquarters but all our Franchise Partners to help them plan and achieve their goals.

Bizzacc Accounting launched as a franchise operation after running an intensive piloting program since since 2013 in Gauteng. We pride ourselves on delivering an intelligent accounting service to help business owners manage and grow their businesses. We ensure a consistency in delivery and high quality work across our entire franchise network. As a result of our practical, down to earth and friendly approach, we help clients overcome the complexities of SARS, accounting software, daily cash flow management and VAT. National firms of accountants are delighted that they can outsource their accounting work to us.

The network of 17 franchise outlets across South Africa is supported by an HQ team with over 50 years experience in accountancy, bookkeeping, marketing and sales to help develop each and every franchise partner.

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The Bizzacc Team
BizzAcc head office has a team of experts to assist franchisees to provide an exceptional service.
Our team’s expertise ranges from business, finance, information technology as well as taxation and payroll. We extend our expertise even further to insurance, estate planning and business training and workshops.
Our team has been working together for many years, and function like a family. We work very closely with one another and have an open door policy. Any team member or franchisee can input ideas which will be heard and implemented if it offers a win/win solution or improvement.
We give our team members freedom to learn and grow and that is why the energy in BizzAcc is so contagious. Every team member plays a vital role in making this company a great company to be a part of.

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